As Cemre Shipyard, one of the first signatories of UN Women and UN Global Compact’s joint initiative Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs), our own sector in Türkiye, may our course be clear, and equality be our wind!

We are, as a supporter of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, aware of the fact that in the absence of gender equality, social prosperity is not possible.

We commit to achieving our part with this awareness and responsibility, as leading corporate citizen towards a world where women and men are equal in language, at home, and at work.

We announce our commitment to be the supporter of public, private, and academic collaborations for the promotion of gender equality not only within our own company structure but also within our sector.

We strive for making diversity, inclusion, and gender equality a company policy from the sustainability perspective and organize our business processes in accordance.

We develop permanent policies in order to employ more women including in management positions by undertaking a leading role to maintain a social transformation in this male-dominated industry.

With the awareness that equality starts with the language, we promise to be an implementer and defender of every development and transformation program for equality in language, at home, and at work.

We declare that we will never deviate from our focus on inclusivity, diversity, and gender equality neither in our business processes nor in the projects of social benefit.

Instead of archaic perceptions as women's presence on ships is ‘inauspicious’, we say that we as women and men are building together these ships with shared labor, intelligence, experience, and hard work!

Together with all of our stakeholders, we sign our commitment that our compass will always be oriented toward ‘equality, inclusivity, and diversity’.

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