Cemre Shipyard and Torghatten Nord AS have entered into a contract to build NB1091 Double Ended Ro-Ro Passenger and Vehicle Ferry.

Developed by the Norwegian Ship Design, the double-ended car and passenger ferry with the designation NSD120CFc will normally operate as a Zero Emission Vessel in exposed waters on the entire 1-hour transit of the Bognes – Lødingen route in the Northern part of Norway at a speed of 13-14 knots. The transit time (and speed) is bringing a new record among the Norwegian Battery Ferries.

The Vessel will normally operate battery-electric with all power originating from the grid onshore through high-capacity automated charging connections. In case shore power is unavailable biodiesel generators will provide sufficient power for normal operation.

The double-ended ferry shall be arranged with two completely independent propulsion and power systems. The systems shall be arranged so that after any single fault, incl. fire and flooding, a minimum of one of the two independent power and propulsion systems will remain operational. The 117 m long vessel with 399 passengers capacity will be built according to the DNV class rules and carry the Norwegian flag.

“Torghatten Nord AS is a proud winner of the next tender period on the Lødingen - Bognes connection with ground-breaking zero-emission vessels, after operating the same ferry connection for 10 years with low-emission LNG ferries. The solution represents a shift in relation to crossing time and vessel size operated by zero-emission battery ferries. As a shipyard with high competence within future technology, CEMRE is the selected shipyard for building this vessel” says Eirik Olsen, COO in Torghatten Nord.

“We are happy to work with Norwegian Ship Design and Torghatten Nord AS on this environmental-friendly and innovative project. We believe, as the fruit of this successful partnership, the vessel will take its place among the prestigious vessels in the sector when completed“ says Burak Mursaloğlu, Head of Business Development, CEMRE SHIPYARD.

“We are proud to be selected as the Ship Design Partner in this innovative project, and we look forward to continuing our cooperation with Torghatten Nord and Cemre Shipyard. The vessel is designed with a special focus on low energy consumption. Energy efficiency permeates the general design as well as most systems and technical solutions onboard. As always in our designs; safety, comfort, and traffic efficiency shall be first-rate” says Hans Kristian Dyrli, Manager of Project Development in Norwegian Ship Design.

About Cemre Shipyard

Cemre Shipyard, with its modern facilities, is one of the leading new building shipyards located in Yalova, Turkey.

Considering the interest in diversity, Cemre has the ability to build different types of vessels as fishing, offshore, and passenger. These highly technological, eco-friendly, and, innovative projects need flexibility and intense care; besides that, tailor-made projects like these are among the distinguishing facts of Cemre’s success.

Cemre Shipyard has two shipyard areas laying in the same region which enable the shipyard to build more than 15 vessels at the same time in accordance with their sizes.

As of the foundation, all of the delivered and ordered vessels are exported and are built for European customers such as Norway, Iceland, the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Belgium, and Denmark. As a consequence, Cemre Shipyard has secured its place among the top exporters of Turkey since 2008; and with this responsibility, Cemre works harder for a sustainable organization.

For further information about Cemre Shipyard, please visit www.cemreshipyard.com

About Torghatten Nord AS – THN

Torghatten Nord AS is one of three sister companies in Torghatten ASA. Torghatten ASA is one of the largest ferry and fast ferry companies in Norway.

Torghatten Nord AS has a new building program of three double-ended RoPax ferries. In addition to the zero-emission battery ferry to be built by Cemre, we are to build two trade area B hydrogen driven RoPax ferries for operation between Bodø and Lofoten in Norway.

For further information about Torghatten Nord AS, please visit https://www.torghatten-nord.no/

About Norwegian Ship Design – TNSDC

Norwegian Ship Design is a leader in the development of innovative, energy-efficient, low and zero-emission vessel concepts. In addition to the Bognes-Lødingen ferry, the company is designing two ocean-going, hydrogen-fuelled ROPAX vessels for Torghatten Nord. The ferries will enter operation in 2025. The world’s first ocean-going zero-emission bulk carrier is also designed by Norwegian Ship Design in close cooperation with ship owner Egil Ulvan Rederi. The groundbreaking vessel, featuring two large rotor sails and a hydrogen-fuelled propulsion system, recently received Approval in Principle from Lloyd’s Register. The bulk carrier is scheduled to enter operation in 2024.

For further information about Norwegian Ship Design please visit https://www.norwegianshipdesign.no/

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