One of prerequisite for the life and business world is surely beyond doubt to plan all processes and to manage in the planned direction. Hence, the most essential things are experience, focusing on objective, no matter how many negative condition may be, taking measures by knowing risks and eventually perseverance and decisiveness to reach to the objective on a sustainable, living plan with efficient and low cost in timely manner.

Under any circumstances whatsoever, every individual, every enterprise, every work (so as, every work is a project in our eyes) should have target plan.

If you don’t have any plan in shipbuilding, it meant that you take a risk to lose money and time from the beginning. Every individual or department acting independently in such complicated business that is required team work will directly affect the competence of the project. Due to this, if you don’t have any plan that all information are collected and connected the sequence works to it by integrating each other, you don’t have any other solution waiting to finish all processes to find out how you started, where you are and consequently where you will finish.

As Cemre; we have always short, medium and long-term plans as micro plans in private and macro in general which we can see all our processes. By forecasting all risks which may occur through these plans, we reduce them to minimum level, achieve maximum success in taking both internal and external measures and carry out our plans more healthy.

Our every project has a specific Planning Engineer and Planning Technician who will assist him. Start-up plans starting during bidding stage for the project become a target plan with participation and contributions of all departments by becoming further comprehensive when the details are taken form. Of course, it is essential to have and to dominate a program, i.e. MS Project that you can apply all of them, see the interaction of all sequential processes.

Anymore, we should aim to work with all our power as a goal for our project which has a plan with all milestones. Also, updating of the plan by processing possible problems to the plan, in other words, to provide keeping it as Living Plan, are the biggest indicator of dominance on the project and being aware of what we do.

If you have a plan, it means that you will reach your objective definitely.

Cemre Automation System

Cemre Automation System

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ERP System in Newbuilding Processes

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