NB72 Groenewind is one of the 3 proud nominees of the Annual Offshore Support Journal Awards 2022 in the Offshore Renewables Award 2022 segment.

As an excited builder of this beautiful lady for DEME, we are proud to be part of the first DP2, twin-hulled SOV in the world and the first to serve three different wind farm sites and the first-ever SOV for DEME.

You can support this game-changing project by voting Groenewind through the following link: https://forms.office.com/pages/responsepage.aspx?id=OnbBFAN39k-kbuHd5OBLNkfqCENn2QdIjkJa1h7JtC1UNTYzU1k2WEQ2UUg1SkNLUVNBWDJJOEZBSCQlQCN0PWcu

As Cemre, we are excited to involve in the special milestone projects for the offshore segment; some have been already achieved, and yet more to come!

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