On the 24th of May, we celebrated two milestones for NB1093&NB1100 CMAL ferries; steel cut for the third vessel and keel laid for the second vessel Loch Indaal, the sister ship Isle of Islay. 

The ceremony program started with the speeches of Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd's CEO Kevin Hobbs and Cemre Shipyard Project Manager of CMAL vessels Recep Portakal. Councilor Uisdean Robertson honored us by pressing the button to begin the steel cutting and building process of the 3rd vessel. The ceremony program came to an end with the successful placement of the 3rd vessel's keel on the slipway.

The addition of the new ships will enhance the capacity for vehicles and freight on the Islay routes by nearly 40%, while also reducing emissions and strengthening the overall resilience of the fleet.

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