The green vessel is loading..  We’re so glad to announce that Cemre Shipyard signed a new contract with Lie Family through their Liafjord AS Company, for the world’s first battery and LNG fueled Purse Seiner/Trawler. The vessel has signature of by Salt Ship Design AS and will be named as “LIBAS”. Libas is a game-changer and pioneer in her field, will be powered by a combination of batteries and LNG fueled main engine. She has 86.10 meter length with 17.80 meter beam and classed by DNV GL rules. She will be built with 350 cubic meter LNG tank that along with a large battery pack, will be eco-friendly fuel for new vessel. Battery system is used for peak sheaving and also as emergency source and therefore no need for emergency generator onboard. Onboard of Libas, there are 2.830 cubic meter RSW tanks for storing fishes after processed in factory area. In fishing industry there is an innovator trend on energy efficiency and green solutions for reducing emissions, Cemre believes in the future there are more fishing vessels like Libas, and we’re so proud to build first battery and LNG fueled purse seiner trawler in the world!

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