After the building journey, Selvåg Senior departed from Cemre Shipyard on 26 June 2023 for her country, Norway.

Developed in partnership with Norwegian design company Skipteknisk and Selvåg AS, the 79.5 m long purse seiner/pelagic trawler is the third fishing vessel in the world to use LNG fuel as its primary energy carrier with battery combination, after the Norwegian vessels Libas and Sunny Lady, already built at Cemre Shipyard.

Selvåg is equipped with environmental-friendly solutions onboard as LNG use, a 1 MWh battery pack, electrical winches and pumps, a cold recovery system, and a surplus heat recovery system. The surplus heat from the exhaust is recycled and converted to produce clean electricity. The new Selvåg Senior is the first newly built fishing vessel in the world to adopt this technology!

All these measures will lead to a low carbon footprint and a reduction in emissions that the fishing industry has never seen before. In total, all measures will account for an overall reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of as much as 42% compared to whether the new vessel would have been built with conventional technology.

Cemre Shipyard congratulates all parties contributing every inch of the new Selvåg Senior.

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