Ordered by the Hardhaus AS, owned by the Norwegian Møgster family, and designed by Salt Ship Design with the design number SALT0173 Harhaus is built at Cemre Shipyard in its modern shipbuilding facility. The vessel is delivered to her home port on 24th June 2021.

74,50 m long purse seiner/trawler has 16 m width, 7,90 m draught, and accommodation for 14 people on board. She can reach 17,5 kn speed in addition to her 14 kn targeted and optimal energy-efficient service speed. Hardhaus is equipped with a 2.300 cum RSW tank and CFLOW-OYANGEN 2x1.238 kW RSW System, besides her 4.880 kW at 720 rpm Wärtsilä main engine and 1.017 kWh battery power for both peak shaving and emergency source of power which is the first in the world. Complete winch system onboard, Hardhaus is supplied from RAPP with ABB’s Frequency Converter and powered electrically by a Hybrid Drive System. Energy Management System makes sure that Hardhaus is among the most efficient vessels in terms of both Peak Shavings operations – Reserve Powers from Winches and the world’s most efficient engine.

The main goal while forming the idea of the vessel is her being focused on energy efficiency, freeboard, and stability. Thanks to her optimized hull shape Hardhaus’s wave resistance is minimized which saves a huge amount of energy, and enables her to reach higher speeds during crucial fishing operations, plus leads to overall efficiency.

Winches generate reactive power, and the vessel is equipped with a comprehensive battery solution of 1.017 kWh to benefit from the reactive power generated by the winches.

Hardhaus can operate both in conventional diesel-mechanic mode as ordinary fishing vessels and in diesel-electric mode.

With a great benefit from the automatic heat recovery system by Ulmatec Pyro installed to the vessel, Hardhaus uses energy efficiently and barely needs heating systems onboard.

After her delivery, she heads home to perform in a moving fish-catching season in Norway. Hardhaus will operate in the North Sea and be able to carry 2.400 t fishes onboard.

We are honored to put our signature under such a project and thankful to all contributors showing their support during the adventure of Hardhaus in CEMRE SHIPYARD.


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