Cemre Shipyard and Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd. have entered into a second contract to build NB1100 and NB1101 to give service to the communities at Uig, Lochmaddy, and Tarbert (Harris).

Apart from the first two ferries, Cemre has re-entered the bidding process and scored a high rank successfully meeting all inquiries.

The upcoming new two ferries will be built to the same specification as the vessels for Islay, which are already under construction at Cemre while both are currently ahead of schedule. However, new vessels will have raised aft mooring decks to accommodate the higher pier heights at Lochmaddy, Uig, and Tarbert. Each ferry will be capable of carrying up to 450 passengers and either 100 cars or 14 commercial vehicles. This will enhance the capacity for vehicles and freight on the Little Minch routes and strengthen the overall resilience of the ferry fleet.

Additionally, these new ferries have been specifically designed to reduce carbon emissions, promising significant environmental benefits.

Cemre Shipyard congratulates all parties and wishes a successful and most significantly safe building journey.

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