Norwegian-flagged Live Fish Carrier NB76 Seifjell is launched from Cemre Shipyard to the sea on 06th July 2022.

Developed by the Norwegian SALT Ship Design, the live fish carrier for Seistar will be equipped with 2.200 m³ circular fish tanks. 69,9 m long vessel will be built according to the DNV  class rules and will carry the Norwegian flag. 

The new vessel will supplement new and existing customers with new tonnage to cover the increasing demand for treatment- and transport services, primarily related to the post-smolts in Western Norway.

The innovative boat design is based on gentle and efficient fish handling in combination with a strong focus on hygiene, environment, and quality. The vessel has several new and exciting design solutions including batteries as energy storage and circular fish tanks. NB76 Seifjell is designed to keep energy usage at the minimum level.

Thank you to all who contributed to this vessel’s building process and witnessed the end of longing together with us!

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