74,5m long eco-friendly NB65 Hardhaus finally met the sea on the 14th of July.

Electrical withes on the deck enable energy efficiency remarkably for the vessel.

Thanks to her 1000 kWh battery, she can especially switch to the ‘peak shaving’ mode enabling both instant speed boost which is crucial for the fishing sector and quite lower emission.

Besides operating in the diesel-mechanic mode as ordinary fishing vessels, Hybrid vessel Hardhaus can operate in the diesel-electric mode as well.

With her heat recovery system, the vessel uses energy efficiently and barely needs heating systems onboard.

Following the special demand of the client, the vessel’s hull shape is optimized by Salt Ship Design to be more energy-efficient and durable against the strong waves in the sea.

As Cemre Shipyard we are proud to serve the Earth with innovative and eco-friendly projects!

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