After the completion of the building process, she passed the tests successfully and is sent to DEME Group.

Groenewind is not only the first of her kind, but also she is DEME's first dedicated service operation vessel to be directly chartered to Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy for the maintenance of the Rentel and Mermaid & Seastar (known as SeaMade) offshore wind farms in Belgium.

Designed by Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam in collaboration with DEME’s in-house new-build team she significantly improves safety, comfort, and workability for wind farm technicians even in the roughest sea conditions.

The SWATH design ensures low wave impact on movements when approaching wind turbines. An impressive fuel consumption reduction of up to 50% can be achieved, further reducing the cost of wind farm maintenance.

In line with her green credentials, environmental considerations are integral to the vessel design and include a waste heat recovery system and a Clean Design notation. The SOV will be equipped with a motion-compensated gangway and daughter craft to safely transfer technicians to the wind turbines. It is also designed according to the latest comfort standards, allowing the vessel to be a homely offshore base for up to 24 technicians and a nautical crew.

Thanks to the team’s great efforts and support Groenewind sailed to her country. As Cemre Shipyard, we are grateful to all contributors.

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