GC Rieber Shipping ASA and Cemre Shipyard have entered into a contract for two game-changing projects, WindKeepers.

Initially designed and developed by GC Rieber Shipping, with support from LMG Marin AS, WindKeepers’ design is based on SWATH (Small Water Area Twin Hull) type which ensures improved operability, ultra-low fuel consumption and option of fully electric operations in field.

57 meters long vessel will be built according to the DNV classification rules and regulations including Walk to Work and DPS(2) notations and sail under Norwegian Flag.

The approach of this hybrid diesel-electric system increases safety, cuts operational costs, improves lifecycle economics, and decreases the environmental footprint.

WindKeeper has been developed to deliver two key value adding attributes to clients and the offshore wind market;

  • A substantial lower environmental footprint.
  • Sea and station keeping performance widening the operational window in a safe and efficient manner

“Our goal is to build innovative, environmentally friendly vessels for valuable players in the offshore industry together with our sustainable production and finance models. We are happy and proud to have entered into a contract for two challenging projects for Windkeeper AS, wholly owned by GC Rieber Shipping. Thank you very much for the professional team of Cemre Shipyard and GC Rieber Shipping for their great contribution and hard work to make this happen. We are looking forward to the positive construction processes of these high-quality SWATH SOV vessels.” says Cemre Shipyard CFO Ömer Özeroğlu.

“We’re really looking forward to working with Cemre Shipyard on building a fleet of WindKeepers. Cemre has a successful track record on building SWATH for offshore wind and have through the process proven themselves as a valuable partner.” said GC Rieber Shipping CCO, Christoffer Knudsen in a comment.

Cemre strongly believes in the success of these two projects regarding the benefit to our Earth!

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