Within the context of the COVID-19 outbreak, Cemre Shipyard started to take necessary measures and apply. We vitally request our colleagues and business partners to be sensitive to these measures.


• It is forbidden to accept overseas visitors for 14 days to the shipyard.
• Same-day visitors are to be accepted to the shipyard after their fever controls done by the security guards. Besides, confirmation is mandatory by the concerned departments. It would be convenient not to invite visitors unless it is necessary.
• Be sensitive in preventing close contact with people as possible. (kissing, handshaking, greeting, etc.)
• Same-day vehicle entrances are to be lessened and restrained as possible by the security guards. (Postal Vehicles shall be held at the gate.)
• Both shipyard entrances are to be provided with thermal cameras in a short time to measure fever by the security unit. (High fever detected people shall be dispatched directly to the closest Healthcare Center - State Hospital- with the shipyard ambulance.)
• Protecting oneself from the virus and personal hygiene methods are to be provided to employees during employment training and on the job conversation by the OHS Team. (Source: Ministry of Health)
• Employees showing insight sickness symptoms are to be directed for an examination at the healthcare unites in the shipyard by their superior or the OHS team. (Cough, Dyspnea, High Fever, Constantly Sneezing, etc.)
• The on-site doctor decides the working condition of the employees with chronic diseases.
• Closed working areas/offices in the shipyard to be well-ventilated regularly by the host employees &/ cleaning staff.
• Common use areas as cafeteria, dressing room, tea room, offices, security entrances, etc. in both shipyard areas are to be disinfected on a daily routine by the agreed company.
• Personnel services are to be disinfected on a daily routine by the agreed company. (Including Denture.)
• COVID-19 banners of the Ministry of Health are to be hung on the visible areas as restrooms, common use areas in the shipyard.
• Cafeterias are the common use areas, this is why the time spent here shall be as short as possible. Sub-contractors conform to their own subjected period to prevent any peak.
• A cleaning action plan is to be formed for the common use areas in the shipyard, and cleaning staff shall conform to this plan. Vital documents possible to get lost shall be kept closed and secured, do not leave them on the tabletop.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation!

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