Cemre Shipyard continues to be a sought-after solution partner for key players in the renewable energy sector with its diverse designs, various types of vessels, and extensive experience, remaining at the forefront of significant projects in the market.

While the interest in environmentally friendly alternative fuels is increasing, Esvagt and Cemre Shipyard have signed another contract to build a sister ship to the world's first methanol-powered SOV (Service Operation Vessel). The new project, with the construction code NB1097, will have the exact same specifications as the wind turbine support vessel with the construction code NB1094, which is currently under construction at Cemre Shipyard.

Developed by the Norwegian design company HAV Design in cooperation with ESVAGT, the SOV will be powered by batteries and dual fuel and pure methanol engines, capable of sailing on renewable e-methanol, produced from wind energy and biogenic carbon, which will lead to a yearly emission reduction of approx. 4,500 tonnes of CO2. These systems will provide the required power for the vessel's propulsion, positioning, and main operations while acting carbon neutral and making it possible to create a new “green vessel” trend in the operations. This 93-meter-long innovative vessel will provide accommodations for 124 persons and will be built according to DNV classification rules and sails under the Danish flag. The SOV will serve Orsted’s offshore wind farms located on the eastern coasts of the United Kingdom for a 10 years period.

This new state-of-the-art ESVAGT SOV will provide high comfort standards to the crew and technicians on board also providing space for recreational activities including fitness facilities, game rooms, cinemas, and individual accommodation.

The vessel will provide a highly efficient workspace together with the safe transfer of the technicians at the wind farm via a motion-compensated gangway and transfer boats as well as a crane to lift heavy spare parts. The SOV will also be equipped with a helicopter deck for fast and easy access and transfer from shore.

We, as Cemre Shipyard, congratulate all parties involved in making these valuable projects come to life and extend our thanks to all contributors!

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