In a very close time period that we can say almost at the same time, Cemre Shipyard delivered 3 vessels,

Wind Farm Support Vessel NB72 GROENEWIND to Belgian company DEME, Wind Farm Support Vessel NB67 WIND OF HOPE to French Company Louis Dreyfus Armateus, and Purse Seiner Trawler Fishing Vessel NB65 HARDHAUS to Norwegian company Harhaus AS.

An expert in building complex and high-technology vessels Cemre Shipyard put the company signature under this remarkable success with talented and dedicated teams.

The first shot has started with the delivery of the unique vessel Groenewind on 5th June 2021. DEME’s first dedicated Service Operation Vessel Groenewind is actually the first SWATH type (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hulled) Wind Farm Support Vessel in the world. Groenewind is accomplishing another milestone by being the first wind farm support vessel to serve 3 different wind farm sites concurrently. Twin hulled design makes sure the vessel feels lower wave impact. This led to lower fuel consumption and higher vessel stability during operations. With the motion-compensated gangway, Groenewind aims for safety in significant wave heights when it comes to technicians and the vessel crew.  Project Manager Emre Toftar and his team managed the delivery process with their devotion and valuable labor.

The second shot comes in 12 days after the delivery of the first. NB67 Wind of Hope is the sister vessel of NB57 Wind of Hope delivered in 2019 to LDA for the maintenance of Borkum Riffgrund 1&2 and Gode Wind 1& 2 wind farms. Hybrid battery DC network DP2 SOV Wind of Hope is equipped with a motion-compensated walk-to-work gangway and a Colibri crane and a daughter craft on board to safely transfer technicians and goods to the wind turbines. The vessel’s DP2 system is based on the 4-Split system. Accommodation of the vessel is specially designed in hotel standards to provide home comfort to the technicians and the vessel crew. Wind of Hope’s hybrid machinery is serving the environment with her sister as the pioneers of this journey. After the Project Manager Kubilay Aydın and his team’s great effort, Wind of Hope could sail to her country France on 17th June 2021 for the naming ceremony and will serve in the Danish energy company Orsted’s Hornsea II wind farm.

As the final row, Purse Seiner Trawler NB65 Hardhaus left CEMRE on 24th June 2021 to start her journey in the Noth Sea with the capacity to carry 2.400 t fishes onboard. Known as one of the most efficient fishing vessels ever built thanks to her battery solution and regenerative power from the winches, Hardhaus is focused on energy efficiency, stability, and freeboard. The battery is used for peak shaving to achieve the best possible operating conditions for the diesel engine and emergency power of the vessel. This leads to a more predictable and clean power demand to the generators and therefore to the engines and will reduce wear and tear. Thanks to this eco-friendly and profit-rising solution, Hardhaus can reach higher demands in a short time response with the advantage of clean electrical power during fish-catching operations. In this silent vessel, the crew's comfort is given great importance so that they will never hear the 4,8 mW engine's starting sequence. As an experienced Project Manager, Recep Portakal managed this process with his team successfully even during the Pandemic.

We are proud and thankful to all contributors of this remarkable success.



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