Cemre Shipyard has accomplished a major success by winning the bidding process issued by Danish company ESVAGT for the new compact service operation vessel that is planned to serve in the Hollandse Kust West wind farm.  

We are very pleased to continue the close cooperation with Cemre Shipyard for this innovative newbuilding project”, says DCEO Kristian Ole Jakobsen.

The Deputy General Manager in charge of Finance at Cemre Shipyard, Ömer Özeroğlu, added, “Thanks to our mutual trust-based collaboration with our Danish client ESVAGT, we take pride in the seamless and rapid effectiveness of our project NB1102. This valuable project, where we promptly met the contract requirements, stands as a significant milestone for our company, solidifying the strong foundations of our long-term partnership with esteemed client ESVAGT.”

The new project, with the construction code NB1102, will have environmentally friendly features based on a diesel-electric propulsion system with the support of energy storage (battery) systems for the operations of wind turbine support. The new project will be the third project in the Cemre’s orderbook which will be built concurrently for ESVAGT AS.

Developed by the Norwegian design company HAV Design in cooperation with ESVAGT, the new compact SOV will be powered by batteries and diesel engines, capable of sailing on low or no-emission solutions during operations. Required propulsion power for the ESVAGT NB1102 vessel is to be produced by main generator sets and also to be provided by the battery system onboard, which can be called “diesel & battery hybrid propulsion power”. The system is a combination of four (4) high-speed generators combined with CORVUS energy storage systems (battery system), totaling 900 kWh. This configuration will support the vessel's low/no emission operations during dynamic positioning and stand-still operations. The electrical system is designed in a way that allows the batteries to be charged during periods of surplus energy in transit. Additionally, with its discharging capacity, the system is specifically designed for peak shaving, aimed at reducing fuel consumption and emissions, while also providing reserve power for the vessel.

The systems will provide the required power for the vessel's propulsion, positioning, and main operations while achieving carbon neutrality and complying with the “green vessel” trend in the operations. This 63,3-meter-long innovative vessel will provide accommodations for 54 persons and will be built according to BV classification rules and will sail under the Danish flag.

This new compact ESVAGT SOV will offer high comfort standards for the crew and technicians on board, along with spaces for administration, and recreational activities, including fitness facilities, game rooms, cinemas, and individual accommodations. The vessel will provide a highly efficient workspace together with the safe transfer of the technicians at the wind farm via a motion-compensated gangway and transfer boats as well as a crane to lift heavy spare parts.

We, as Cemre Shipyard, congratulate all parties involved and extend our gratitude to all contributors!

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