Cemre has been awarded to newbuilding contract for two islay ferries for Scotland’s Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited (CMAL) as a design and built project. 

The vessels will operate in the busiest service route on the Clyde and Hebrides network, 95 meter long vessels will have the capacity of  275-lanemeter for HGVs on the main deck and a total of 107 cars on both main and hoistable decks. It is expecting to increase 40% the freight and vehicle capacity on the Islay and Jura routes while reducing substantially the carbon footprint thanks to its diesel/hybrid propulsion system with these new building ferries. The conceptual design of these Islay Ropax Ferries was developed by naValue together with close cooperation with the Owner’s design team for the tender process.

For the design and development of the vessels, Cemre has continued cooperation with LMG Marin AS as a successful partner, which is an experienced design company for advanced vessels. CEMRE and LMG have developed a strong relationship in such design & built projects and CMAL ferries are solid proof of future collaboration and initiations.

“We look forward to working with the team at Cemre and LMG Marin to deliver two new vessels for communities in Islay and Jura. The project is part of significant investment plans we have for Scotland’s ferries and harbours, supported by £580m from the Scottish Government over the next five years “ says Kevin Hobbs, CEO, CMAL.

“It is an honor for LMG Marin to be involved in the Calmac fleet renewal program and we look forward to the continued partnership and good cooperation with Cemre shipyard on this exciting project. This is a team victory and proves our ability to together bring added value to the client in a strong international competition” says Per Martin Martinussen, Project Development Manager, LMG Marin.

We are proud to build a partnership with CMAL and LMG Marin in regard to the renewal of the fleet in line with green credentials and effectiveness. The groundbreaking technologies these vessels contain will enlighten the future and inspire further projects globally” says Burak Mursaloğlu, Head of Business Development, Cemre Shipyard.

The know-how of the shipyard and the high-dynamism of the teams will be well contributed during the building process of these two innovative vessels. We are excited to see the process begin” says Sinan Kavala, COO, Cemre Shipyard.

As Cemre, we strongly believe that these new building projects will take Cemre to a different league and looking forward to sailing this journey together with CMAL & LMG!

About Cemre Shipyard

Cemre Shipyard, with its modern facilities, is one of the leading new building shipyards located in Yalova, Turkey. Considering the interest in diversity, Cemre has the ability to build different types of vessels as fishing, offshore, and passenger. These highly technological, eco-friendly, and, innovative projects need flexibility and intense care; besides that, tailor-made projects like these are among the distinguishing facts of Cemre’s success.

Cemre Shipyard has two shipyard areas laying in the same region which enables the shipyard to build more than 15 vessels at the same time in accordance with their sizes; As of the foundation, all of the delivered and ordered vessels are exported and are built for European customers such as Norway, Iceland, the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark.

 As a consequence, Cemre Shipyard has secured its place among the top exporters of Turkey since 2008; and with this responsibility, Cemre works harder for a sustainable organization.

For further information on Cemre Shipyard, please visit www.cemreshipyard.com

About CMAL

Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited owns ferries, ports and harbours, and infrastructure necessary for vital ferry services serving the west coast of Scotland and the Clyde Estuary, and the Northern Isles. The company is wholly owned by the Scottish Government with Scottish Ministers the sole shareholders.

The Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited Board has an executive management team and supporting staff at headquarters in Port Glasgow, Scotland.

The company aims to provide efficient, cost-effective, and safe ferries, harbours, and port infrastructure for operators, communities, and users in and around Scotland.

For further information on Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited, please visit www.cmassets.co.uk

About LMG Marin

LMG Marin is one of Europe's leading naval architect and ship design houses, with a highly dedicated organization of skilled engineers and naval architects.

Our team masters the latest software and tools used in offshore engineering, as well as for building and operation of reliable, high-performance, and economically attractive ships and floaters.

LMG Marin was founded 79 years ago by three naval architects Mr. Lund, Mr. Mohr, and Mr. Giæver-Enger, who also created the name of the company: LMG Marin. They headed the company through its first decades, founding the legacy of reliability, experience, and innovation.

For further information on LMG Marin, please visit www.lmgmarin.no

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