We’re so glad to announce that Cemre Shipyard signed a new fishing vessel contract with Olympic Seafood AS, and it is Cemre’s third fishing vessel contract in 2018 with hull number NB66. The trawler will be built for Arctic waters and will have fishing rights and processing capacity for both whitefish and shrimp. The design of the trawler is developed by Rolls Royce Marine under the concept “smarter, greener and safer”. The trawler has 70 meter length and 16 meter beam with 1.400 m3 freezing hold capacity, will be classed by DNV GL rules. She will be fully electrified with the latest technology and with catalysts that limit emissions of environmental gases. Regarding these developments, the trawler will be extremely energy efficient and environmental friendly at the same time. The vessel equipped with hybrid propulsion plant with HSG, Promas propulsion system and energy efficient PM driven trawl winches onboard. Carefully design of the working and living quarters, the vessel will accommodates 29 people onboard with high comfort standards. We’re so proud to part of this innovative project and work with ground-breaking pioneer companies, and we believe marine industry step into new age where eco-friendly and energy efficient solutions is the only choice for future!

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