Designed by the Norwegian design company Salt Ship Design, Sunny Lady is launched to the sea today on 20th November 2021.

Sunny Lady is the second fishing vessel driven by LNG&Battery after Libas. Classed by DNV, Sunny Lady will be carrying the Norwegian flag.

86,5 m long vessel has 350 m3 LNG Tank capacity, 2.850 m3 RSW Tanks, and 1000 kWh battery power.  5.500 kW main engine is installed onboard. 1000 kWh battery power is used during peak shaving operations, regenerating energy and the noise and pollution will be prevented when the vessel is at the quay.

At the launching ceremony of Sunny Lady, we celebrated the occasion with business partners, colleagues, and families. Thank you to all who contribute to the building process of the vessel and valuable participants of the launching ceremony.

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