Following the successful conferences around the globe, Mare Forum has just held in Istanbul, on Monday, April 15, 2019. The conference is supported by various maritime and shipping companies and organized in cooperation with GISBIR, The Turkish Shipbuilders Association.

As Cemre Shipyard (supporter and attendant) we were on the 2nd session, with moderator Prof. Mustafa Insel and many successful business persons.

Our Estimation & Sales Manager Burak Mursaloglu attended as one of the speakers discussing the importance of eco-friendly/technological vessels on Turkish Shipbuilding Industry. We had the chance to discuss the highly important issues in a debate-open environment and for this reason, we could underline the great achievements, problems that we face in the industry and the progress we see from our point of view.

Many thanks to the organizers and supporters of this future-promising organization!

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