Our core values are the heart of Cemre and define our behaviors, mentality, and actions under any circumstances in business life. With a human-based mentality, our values evolved with priority as to be respectful, care about people.

Cemre follows these values with the “Young Experience” motto. It also provides inspiring young people and, on the other hand, young people shapes and improves Cemre’s values.

Respect, care and get it right!
We believe that if we always follow this principle, reliability and quality-work stay as a natural part of Cemre. Empathy with our clients provides us to think like them and then assist their project more effectively. We wish our former, present, and future partners feel this mentality every time.

Be us!
Business life is a remarkable part of a person's life when we think many times spend with our co-workers and partners. Each person should feel belong to a valuable community, thrust and raise each other, and know that they are an essential part of all success in Cemre.

Be responsible!
Our company is just a small part of the World; hence we remember all the time we priorly should be responsible to the World. Then it is also important to us, to take responsibility in business life is a very effective way to improve yourself as an employee. All people in Cemre are responsible for an essential role and manage their own work with supports from a colleague.

Be inspired by your passion!
Inspiration is the core of all developer activities in Cemre, such as investments, organizations, and management.

Time is the best penny bank of value creation for a company, and a sustainable mentality is one of our aspirational goals. Cemre’s Integrated Management Policy gets reorganized consistently, and all steps such as investments or innovations to improve company facilities and values are based on this crucial point; sustaining life!

“Young Experience” Motto!
Young people and Cemre are growing together as having lots of experience in a common culture. Why is the average age in Cemre not that high? Because we believe! We believe young minds have courage, and they can achieve a lot of responsibilities contrary to popular belief. The most important thing that they have something to say!

Code of Conduct
We assume that all related people in our job play a role in Cemre’s evolution and expected all employees and partners to adhere and indigenize Cemre’s core values and code of conduct.

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