Peak shaving is a technique that is used to reduce electrical power consumption during periods of maximum demand on the power utility. Peak shaving–the ability to control your utility electricity costs during periods of heavy electricity use. Clean energy products especially batteries is an excellent way to approach these peaks

For Peak shaving operation the Energy Storage Device can compensate all the load fluctuation. This leads to a more predictable and clean power demand to the generators and therefore to the engines and will reduce wear and tear. Mostly independent ESD performing peak shaving and integrated to vessel power management system.

Significantly larger fishing vessel has huge volume mechanical power due to high power demand for catching operation and bollard pull levels. The traditional mechanical engines Response time is a disadvantage that has previously been seen in studies fishing vessels. The hybrid battery solution enables “boosting” via an electric motor (PTI), which will get power out of the battery and thus eliminates the problem. As a result, the same power can be achieved with smaller engines (peak shaving). Furthermore, the batteries generate power without noise, soot (NOx) emissions or smoke.

Especially catching operation the fishing vessels are significantly using more than %85 percent of their power capacities with peak shaving application they can reach higher demands in short response time because of the advantage of clean electrical power. Furthermore the emission and clean smoke based also huge advantage because the vessel pushes the limits and stays stable during peak shaving time.


· Engine load kept stable

· Motor load fluctuates

· Engine power above Propulsion power- Battery Charges

· Engine power below Propulsion power- Battery Discharges

· Limit PTI/PTO switch

Electrical Deck Equipment on Fishing Vessels

Electrical Deck Equipment on Fishing Vessels

Electrical or hydraulic is one of the key questions while selecting winch solution in the fishing vessel..

Anti-Roll Tank Operation in Fishing Vessels

Anti-Roll Tank Operation in Fishing Vessels

Roll damping system designs as especially tank and filling the tanks to create a stabilizing moment opposite to wave motion.

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