Due to the investments and growth realized in Cemre Shipyard, there is a need for innovation in the management of business processes.

In today's technology, ERP programs can be integrated with all departments, and planning, purchasing, inventory management, quality management, accounting, and financial follow-up can be done through a common system. In the group companies of Cemre Shipyard, IFS 9.0 program has been used as the ERP program. Basic departments actively use IFS modules and the inclusion of all other processes are short-term goals.

Thanks to the databases created in the IFS, the transfer of information becomes healthier than the previous procedures and plays a role for future projects. In the beginning of the projects, the establishment of the requirements, the planning of the procurement processes and the cost studies facilitate the overcoming of the bottlenecks for the future processes of the project and create a proactive work. In this way, it helps to eliminate possible delays.

The certification process shaped according to the customer demands requires material analysis and close follow-up. Defining every material in the BOM (Bill of Material) which created in IFS, the viewable and accessible revisions and controlling the material follow-up allows the minimization of errors. Taking these processes into consideration, managing supply processes eliminates time losses and increases the efficiency of production activities.

With help of ERP system, the ability to obtain the right information without loss of time in case of need and enables easy creation of reports. Also, ERP makes easy document and information sharing in between different departments. The system provides material requirement planning and prevents loss of waste and unnecessary stock by tracking inventory. The evaluations made in the procurement processes are recorded in the ERP system, and possible problems in project management are eliminated.

With the help of the ERP system, Cemre Shipyard aims to improve the permanence of the developments and get efficient results in newbuilding processes by technology and continuous investments.

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